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  • Bolts are an extremely wide range they include screws of all sizes with different lengths and widths, with different threads or with a variety of applications. The screws we propose are made with great precision and only from the best raw materials that guarantee great durability and hardness.



  • Railway screws S6 20x120
  • Railway screws P49A 24x135
  • Railway screws P60 24x150
  • Railway screws P42R 24x180
  • Railway screws S42 24x150
  • Railway screws P-8P 22x150
  • Railway screws S-31 20x160

Technical drawing

Railway screws

  • All kinds of forgings are one of the many groups of products that can be found in the rich offer of the Mining Tool Factory.



We produce perfect harrow teeths

  • PH-12,

  • PH-14,

  • PH-16,

  • PH-18,

  • PH-20


Harrow teeth

Steel balls

  • Steel balls are used in ball mills - they play the role of grinding media in ball mills for grinding metal ores, coal, used molding sand, sand and other materials used in industry.



Special screws

  • One of the types of screws in our offer. The Mining Tool Factory offers its customers an extremely wide selection of screws that will be successful in many different industries, such as, for example, railways, mining or heavy industry.

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