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hooks and special anchors special nuts + circlips clamping rings GFN forgings examples rail bolts (big one-special item) special bolts special bolts 2 special bolts 3 special bolts for railway special bolts for railway 2 pin and bolts pin and bolts 2 bolts used in cement plants


GFN supplies a wide range of markets, below you canfind information about our products for them:

a) railway and mining

Rail screws

P - 49A  24x135
S - 42  24x150
P - 60A  24x150
P - 42R  24x180
S6  20x120
SS8  24x150
P8P  22x150
SS5  24x130, 24x150
SS7  24x180
SS34  24x125 + ULS
D24 x 145
SS4  24x165
+ screws on request (according to drawings)

Fish bolts
(with square/circular head)

M 20x90
M 24
range: 105 - 310mm, R65


M22 nuts for clip bolts
M24 nuts with polyamide pad
flange nuts M24, M27

Mining dog nails

Crib clamps (for mining)

Turnout bolts

Bolts M27 for rail turnout,
range: 130-600 mm

Cross- tie sleepers

M24 x 585

SrB bolts

SrB2, SrB2b, SrB6, (from 1 to 6)

Clip bolts

M22 x 65
M22 x 72


b) Forgings

Basic technology used to produce forgings in GFN ishot drop forging. Maximum weight of a forging is 15 kg with full forge, 1000 mmof length with incomplete forge. We employ hydraulic press with rotary board,frictional press, crank operated and eccentric press.

c) PN, DIN, EN, ISO, GOST standard bolts

  • hexagon, rectangular, square head bolts
  • flanged bolts
  • foot bolts
  • nib screws
  • track & fish bolts
  • switch bolts
  • special (atypical) bolts made on request.

d) Sphere balls for mills

Sphere balls are generally used as grinding aids inball mills- used for metal and coal shredding, as well as other purposes. Ballsproduced by us are perfect to be used a replacement for cylpebs in concrete andother architectural materials production.
                        Up until now,grinding balls have been manufactured through molding, drop forging and helicalrolling processes. Together with Politechnika Lubelska University, we have beendoing advanced research to find a new method of balls manufacture. As a result,modern technology- cross-wedge rolling, has been developed.
                        This solution hasbeen implemented in GFN and works successfully continually. We are proud of thefact that this method is innovative on a global scale. Our balls stand out withgreat quality: hardness level is up to 63 HRC, they do not crank during work,they have greater efficiency than cylpebses (durability higher by 50 % to100%). In addition, our sphere balls do not damage mill coverings.

e) Other

  • carpentry clamps
  • harrow tines: PH 12x120, 14x150, 16x170, 20x210
  • track crosspieces
  • fender plates
  • overhanging hooks
  • clamping rings
  • pins, rivets
  • bushings
  • PDBU and PDB washers
  • products made on special request (according to documentation given)