GFN - Polski

Factory and Products

Currently GFN manufactures and trades a wide range of rail and track accessories for mines and railways, fitters tools, various steel components for agricultural machinery and construction technology, various forging parts and welded constructions.

In 2009 we have launched a new modern welding shop which helped us to extend the range of products offered by us. Those steel structures include supporting structures for the mine shafts, constructions of flyovers cable and pipe flanges. We also started to fabricate grinding balls traditionally used in the ball grinders.

In recognition of our outstanding quality, in 2012 we have been awarded The Q1 Quality Certificate and The HPG Certificate. Both of them were issued by the Deutsche Bahn. We also hold many certificates from the ISO 9000 family.

Our factory in RadzyƄ Podlaski City has a wide variety of machinery for manufacturing as well as an experienced workforce of millwrights, welders, and journeyman machinists. We have discontinued an oil heating method in forging and electrical heating method and sophisticated computerized systems have been implemented.